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The Calling Uncensored For Divine Feminine Leaders

Mar 16, 2022

Sometimes it’s easier to take the path of least resistance than to show up as your truest, most authentic self. 

But you aren’t doing yourself any favors by shrinking back into the shadows just when things start to get uncomfortable or unfamiliar.

So often we see clients and soul sisters grow and evolve into the next chapter of their lives, reaching their next level, and as soon as things start to feel a little bit different…they shrink. 

Fear-based belief systems will keep you from ascending to your truest, most free self. And while it may seem EASIER to play small at times, it’s not what’s best for you.

Tune into this episode to get our take on self sabotaging and how to avoid playing small ever again.

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xx Sarah Rose & Vanessa
The Divine Femme Team