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The Calling Uncensored For Divine Feminine Leaders

Apr 8, 2022

It can feel intimidating to take the next step in any journey. Expansion can feel nerve wracking. But stepping into next level responsibility as you expand your business doesn’t have to be scary. 

In fact, we’re using this episode to push you to trust yourself wholeheartedly as you take a leap towards your next level. 

Because you’re bigger than your body; you’re even bigger than your soul. And once you start to harness the power of the divine source, you’ll find the added responsibility and expansion feels just right.

Tune into this episode to find inspiration and encouragement towards being open and available to receive all that life has to offer.

You are unstoppable. You are unapologetically divine. And everything you create should be an expression of that.

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xx Sarah Rose & Vanessa
The Divine Femme Team