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The Calling Uncensored with Sarah Rose

Dec 25, 2020

In this episode, I interview Ellyn Katherine Shamalov, a spiritual wealth catalyst on a mission to expand global consciousness and uplift humanity by revealing spiritual truth as we reclaim our divinity and reach a new standard of living in the New Human Era.

As the creator of the Goddess Unleashed Game™, host of the Blue Blood Wisdom Show, and the teacher in the Ascension Gateway Community, Ellyn’s intention is to make ego transcendence and the transformation process a little less painful so you can ascend to your next level of consciousness.

Ellyn’s metaphysical teachings on the Gateway Life Lessons™ help enlightenment seekers reclaim and embody their forgotten parts of their divinity, opening the pathway to true healing, energy mastery, inner freedom, and full access to their inherent wisdom, gifts, and abilities. 

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xx Sarah Rose
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